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"It's not that we gotta do what we do
It's what we know, so to me it ain't nuttin but bein true..."
-- DMX "The Rain"
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Before start I must say:

Marry Christmas to everyone

Here is something I found interesting in the recent days: HOW TO create ringtones from mp3/wav/video/(whatever) in low rate and small in size. I had the idea to have my phone ring with "Bubba Sparxxx - Ugly(.mp3 (Smile) )" so I had to know how to get this done. Here are some links and tips how to crop and resample the mp3s to get them work on your phone.
Here is where I found most of the information for this tutorial:
Ringtones on my RAZR V3 in Linux - a dudes blog where you will find a brief and nice description of what you need to do. I will just say in few words the main steps. Here they go:
mplayer -ao pcm MyFavouriteSong.mp3
# Now we have audiodump.wav whichis arround 20 MB (in my case it was 22)
lame -b 64 -s 44.1 -mm --tt "MySongTitle" audiodump.wav ReadyRingtone.mp3
In this way we will have the whole song converted into low rated mp3. This was nice for me, but sometimes(most times) the song will need some edition before it becomes an actual ringtone. In this case edit the audiodump.wav with Audacity before using lame.
Now about every program in deep:


i will skip this part (Smile)


"LAME is an MPEG Audio Layer III (MP3) encoder licensed under the LGPL."
-- Quote from the official site
There are nice packages for Slackware whick worked fine for me. Nothing special, just get the package and install it (Smile) : wget http://mirrors.unixsol.org/linuxpackages//Slackware-11.0/ken/lame-3.97-i486-1kjz.tgz
# For Slackware 11
installpkg lame-3.97-i486-1kjz.tgz


This is an advanced audio editor. You can crop the part of the file that you want or mix it ... or whaever you want. I just got a problem getting the program to work. There was a problem with the package dependances, cause the audacity did not support the new versions ot it`s dependences. in oterwords, you need the following packages to get it work: audacity-1.2.3-i486-2ron
The wxgtk packages will turn out to be a real disaster if you put a newer version. Maybe compiling from source audacity-1.3 would have avoided this problem, but I didn`t really think of that.

Now all you have to do is to go to the nearest music shop, buy an ORIGINAL CD and start converting (Smile) (Smile) (Smile)
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This article is a brief solution of a form that sends mails from site visitors, or as webmasters prefer to call it - site feedback form.
Recently a friend asked me to give him an example script for site feedbacks. I gave one to him and now I decided to write it down. So this is a very basic script that will send mail with the input from a form fields. Here is an example in how it is done. Pay attention that there are no spam preventing handlers or form input checks. You will need to add them for best performance. Here is the form HTML:
<form action="mailer.php" method="post"> Field 1 <input type="text" name="field1" value="Field 1" /> Field 2 <input type="text" name="field2" value="Field 2" /> Field 3 <textarea name="field3">Field 3</textarea> <input type="submit" value="send mail" /> </form> You see that the form will call the "mailer.php", so here is the file.
<? $error = false; if (!isset($_POST['field1']) || empty($_POST['field1'])) { echo "Fill in field 1<br />"; $error = true; } if (!isset($_POST['field2']) || empty($_POST['field2'])) { echo "Fill in field 2<br />"; $error = true; } if (!isset($_POST['field2']) || empty($_POST['field2'])) { echo "Fill in field 3<br />"; $error = true; } if (!$error) { $message = "FIELD 1 = ".htmlspecialchars($_POST['field1']); $message .= "FIELD 2 = ".htmlspecialchars($_POST['field2']); $message .= "FIELD 3 = ".htmlspecialchars($_POST['field3']); // purvoto e mail-a na kogoto shte prashta, vtoroto e subject-a $send_to = "user@example.com"; // Who will receive the mail $send_topic = "[SPAM] Testing mail sender"; mail($send_to, $send_topic, $message); echo "Thanks for sending us mail"; } ?> So now it is time for you to customize the codes, so they becomes useful and your site visitors will start sending you feedbacks. Hope you will find this helpful.
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(In Bulgarian)
In my work maillist.
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As we know the kbluetooth is a very nice solution for browsing obex phone memory under KDE, but unfortunatelly ONLY under KDE. It will take You a long time to use the kioclient under [GNOME] or Xfce (like my desktop), so alternative solution must be found. That is the purpose of this article - in short - HOWTO: ObexFS, ObexFTP and fuse under Slackware.
Debian users must get very lazy at this poin, because while browsing for solution I found several precompiled installations under Debian. Anyway - the Slackware 11 turned out to be a piece of cake to get it work.
Get more information from my main source for this article at openobex.triq.net.
First - what we need:
Wirking BLUEZ (I wrote about getting it driven. Reffer to this acrticle)
  • OpenOBEX - project site: http://openobex.sourceforge.net/
  • FuseTo simulate file systems. Project site: http://fuse.sourceforge.net/
  • ObexFTP - !!! The latest package for slackware is too old version. The latest version in SF.net didn`t wirk for me. So I recommend using version 0.19 wich works just fine
  • ObexFS - Tool for wrapping the ObexFTP under FUSE filesystem to use with mount
Note, that the ObexFS is currently Beta and as I read may turn to be unstable and dangerous for some systems, so do watch out. After getting necessary tools compiled, read a detailed HOWTO on this page: http://openobex.triq.net/obexfs, keeping in mind next few things I encountered:
usermod -G fuse USER Do this for the user (USER) who will be actually able to mount FUSE filesystems. It is necessary for him to belong to fuse group. If this group does not exist, than you will need to add it: groupadd fuse Previously I got a problem with the /dev/fuse, so I CHOWNed it to my user, but think it may turn out to be secure risk, so ... be carefull.
That is it - if everything is OK now all you have to do is: mount /mnt/MY_PHONE
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This will be the end point at which i will start writing my diary in english. I hope I will not regret it, cause I am pretty drunk at the moment and I .. lets say enconcious, but I am planning it from a long time ago. So let me say "HAPPY STUDENTS DAY" to all students and all that still feel the university spirit, and very cheers to those who will always feel it running through their vains (Smile)
tomorrow I am planning to write about getting a phone with Bluetooth support driven in a friendly way with XFCE, but ... I cannot promice - it is 4 c`clock in the morning and I am pretty drunk, so ...


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