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"It's not that we gotta do what we do
It's what we know, so to me it ain't nuttin but bein true..."
-- DMX "The Rain"
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Скоро се случи да споря с познат за това кой и защо ползва Линукс (и отворен софтуер като цяло), като отстоявах теорията, че свободния софтуер се ползва успешно навсякаде, одкато той твърдеше: "Като си имам IE в Windol$a защо ми е firefox" и пообни твърдения. Току що видях човека заради, който мисли като мен и ми е човекър с главно "Ч". Ето да ви покажа каква снимка видях (отстрани трябва да е ....)
Браво на момичето. Хвала!
Хайде сега да ми твърдят че само "geeks and nerds" ползват отворен код за да се учат един друг (Smile) Обичам щураците, а още повече ще ме зарадва някоя готина кака, рекламно лице на Микро-софт да дефилира блузка на популярния за "тях" син екран (Smile)
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Few months ago I suffered from a robot posts in the comments areas. Some of these bots are flooding all around the web. Take quick look at some examples; keep inmind that one of the bots is spamming with some site and point to "nah.html"; so some sites flooded by it are:
http://www.tiptopwebsite.com/nuts - one example;
http://fd-doc.sourceforge.net/faq/cgi-bin/viewfaq.cgi?faq=Using_FreeDOS/206 - second example is a SF project site.
You can find an amazingly large amount of sites suffered just by one of the bots posting in my comments. Just check google how many sites contain post with this "nah.html": http://www.google.bg/search?q=nah.html

So, what I did was pretty simple and yet effective. The robot may spam all around the web with his shits but it is an automated program and lacks features of the web browsers that real people use. I mean the javascript interpretation is a missing feature in this bot. So I just put a javascript hidden field in the comments form. When a user submits the form I check in the value of this field is present, if not - I just keep log of the robot activity (Smile).
What I mean by "javascript hidden field"?
This is just a few lines of code where I split some [html] line in several and javascript writes as an output one line.
Here is an example code of what I did: (please excuse me if some quotes are messed up) <script language="JavaScript"> document.write('<inpu'); document.write('t typ'); document.write('e='hi'); document.write('dden''); document.write(' name'); document.write('='robo'); document.write('ts_ge'); document.write('t_awa'); document.write('y' va'); document.write('lue=''); document.write('RANDOM''); document.write(' />'); </script> This will make regular users to send us a variable named "robots_get_away" with value "RANDOM". So now we can make difference from users and automated web robots. Just keep in mind that some users have disabled manually their Javascript and will not be able to submit forms; so - keep a noscript tag to tell them to enable the javascript
Another very annoying type of web robots are the mail spamming ones. They keep track of web addresses left for contact purposes on the sites and start sending them "dick enlargement" ads (Smile). So - now you can hide the emails from such machines and skip mail cleaning from thousand kilos of flood (Smile)
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